Mentoring tips for mentors and mentees

The fourth edition of Inspiring Mentor, the mentoring program of the non-profit Young Women Network aimed at supporting the empowerment of young women in Italy, has officially started.

The Mentoring is an increasingly common practice in the business and corporate world. It consists of a relationship between an “expert” and a “student”, the mentor and the mentee, which enriches both parties through a voluntary and selfless relationship that leads to personal and professional growth.

#InspiringMentor is an accompaniment process through which mentors make their time and skills available to support the growth of young professionals, the mentees. their identity and their professional goals, while ignoring the negative messages fed by the media and society.

Think that the etymology of the word Mentor can be traced back to Homer’s Odyssey : when he leaves for Troy, Ulysses entrusts his son Telemachus to Mentor, friend and adviser, who takes care of him and guides him in the path of growth and succession to the throne. This makes you understand that if you want a comparison, an inspiration, a dialogue with someone more experienced, an advice, a guide, the mentor is what you are looking for. if you want to be the figure that maybe in your career was fundamental, then a mentee is what is right for you.

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