Empower your organisation by utilising the skills and knowledge of our experienced Mentors

Community Mentors is a registered charity providing specialist mentoring support designed for community organisations, not for profits, social enterprises, NGOs and both registered and unregistered charities.

Our Community Mentors are experienced, successful New Zealand business people who have skills in governance, managing or operating a not for profit organisation.  They also have extensive commercial business experience which will add value to any not for profit or charitable organisation.

The Community Mentors Programme has a proven community and social service focus, which helps connect communities, improve well-being and the quality of people's lives.  High functioning community organisations focused on sustainability strategies are better able to participate in developing resilient communities adding to the ecosystem that supports a thriving community sector.

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This programme is designed for organisations who:
- Want a fresh perspective, guidance or inspiration;
- Want help to market or growth their organisation;
- Want help to implement change;
- Need support or advice to deal with a particular challenge;
- Want a sounding board to help challenge their thinking;
- Set new goals and achieve success;
- Need help to understand their legal obligations;
- Are challenged with board and governance issues.

If you would like to talk with us, please call on 0800 207207.

The Community Mentoring Programme is for not for profit organisations, social enterprise groups, charities (both registered and un-registered) and NGOs based in New Zealand. We are grateful to Business Mentors for their support of Community Mentors.