How to use SEO for enhancing your business

Do you have any idea where the traffic to your website is coming from? If you want to make sure that the Google search allows people to find your business it is important to have a refined Search Engine Optimisation strategy.

It would be difficult for you to generate leads if nobody is able to find you. Research has shown that 93% of users on the Internet start looking for a business through a search engine. Also the results which have a top ranking on Google has a better chance of getting clicked.

Also 75% of the people do not click on the second search results page at all. There are certain reasons why a certain website might have a higher ranking than yours. This is because they are making a conscious effort to improving their SEO strategy. However it is not too late for you either you can make the right choices by finding professional SEO services to help you with all these details.

Ways of improving SEO

The first thing that you need to do is to improve the speed of your page loading. It is important for a number of reasons, this is because if the speed is slow Google is going to recognise this and it is going to lower your ranking. Also a slow website has an impact on the way the visitors engage with the pages. It could result in negative interactions which would hurt your ratings. The abandonment rate for websites increases if they have a long page loading time. If the website page takes longer than 3 seconds to load, 40% of the visitors are going to abandon it. What is shocking is that almost most of them might not returned for a visit. This can have a direct impact on your SEO ranking because it decreases the traffic coming towards the website. However if the page loads faster people are going to keep coming back.

Improve content

Another good SEO strategy is to update your website and increase its popularity by creating high quality content. It is important that your content is recent and relevant. This is one factor which have any impact on your SEO ranking. Dwell time means that people spend a number of minutes on your website. If your website has some exciting content or information it would help people stay on your website for longer and thus improve the Dwell time.

Make use of optimise images

Good pictures have a great impact on your website. However it is important that it is optimise the right way so as to improve your SEO ranking. There are certain factors like the file format and its size. Using huge images can slow down the load time which can have a negative impact on the ranking. It is important to resize and compress the images in order to optimise them. You could also make use of images to put in fewer keywords and name them accordingly. For example if your website sells honey or any other such products instead of naming image like sweetness you could use the best honey for your health. When you strategically place keywords in the title of the images as well as it caption and description it can generate more traffic towards your website.

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