Supporter Benefits

There are various levels of sponsorship available with a range of associated leverage opportunities, and funding can be in cash or in-kind products or services.  Business Mentors New Zealand offer the following benefits to our supporters:
  • Enhanced Brand and Leadership Profile
  • Increase your brand exposure, enhance your business reputation with the elusive SME market and build customer loyalty
  • Be recognised as an organisation that supports Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Networking with other local businesses and local/national government
Opportunity to engage with the SME business community via:
  • Active BMNZ client database (for direct communications and events)
  • 2,000 Volunteer Mentors (for direct communications and events)
  • Regional Business Partners (for events and joint initiatives) e.g. Chambers of Commerce, EDAs, EMA
Online Promotion, engage with our mentors, clients and supporters through:
  • 1,900+ BMNZ closed LinkedIn Groups
  • Twitter and Facebook page
  • Placement on BMNZ website front of house with link to your own website
  • Placement of your product/service in mentor resource kit
  • News updates on your product/service to mentors and clients
  • Understanding market opportunities, SME issues and trends by access to motivated, early adopter businesses
  • Senior staff personal development through becoming mentors (increase staff pride and development, enhance skills)
  • Access to Waikato School of Business Research, BMNZ SME clients statistics, SME issues, trends and market opportunities
Exposure through Events, Conferences, Seminars, Meetings(opportunity to host for Partners):
  • Mentor Functions regional and national
  • Patron Function – 60 to 80 Patrons
  • Coordinate your own PR Programme (Media releases, briefings and conferences) with BMNZ
As an organisation we believe there is a strong link between the health of small business, the alleviation of hardship and the standard of living in the community.

All our Supporters play a key role in ensuring a healthy small business sector exists in the New Zealand economy. We thank them for their support.

To discuss becoming a Supporter of Business Mentors New Zealand please contact phone 0800 209209.