Linda Melhuish – Business Mentor

After more than thirty years in the bookkeeping and accounting industry, Linda Melhuish decided to give back to her community by becoming a Business Mentor.

Based in Christchurch, Linda was inspired by the excellent guidance she received from others over the years.

“I had been provided with so much assistance when I started my business, so I wanted to give something back to my community. I decided to offer help to other people via Business Mentors New Zealand. People often have this idea that founding a business is glamourous, but it’s actually very hard work. I thought my years of experience could be useful to someone, no matter what stage of business growth they’re at. Working with a mentor from the beginning can help to give you a realistic point of view, as well as keeping you accountable every month,” Linda says.

Linda founded her first business, Momentum Business Solutions, in 2004. The successful bookkeeping practise won Xero’s award for Canterbury Bookkeeping Partner of the Year in 2016. During her time managing the business, Linda looked in a number of places for support.

“When I started out in business, I was hungry for information. I utilised the free services available to me via bodies similar to the New Zealand Bookkeepers Association. When you’re starting out, you don’t know what you don’t know. Groups like the association can give you free access to information and contacts that are invaluable to your business’ success,” says Linda.

The association is set to introduce Business Mentors New Zealand’s mentoring programme to its members, with the pilot rolling out in Canterbury over the next few months.

With the new changes to compliance regulations and tax laws, it’s crucial that the programme is introduced to the bookkeeping industry.

As well as running her current business, BizQuip, Linda holds the position of Regional Director for Christchurch within the New Zealand Bookkeepers Association, as well as being a member of the association’s committee.

“The introduction of the mentoring programme is going to be very valuable for members. This support programme is particularly important for the bookkeeping industry, thanks to the ever-changing regulations around compliance and tax law. New bookkeepers are always coming through and no matter what stage of growth they’re at, a mentor can help them to operate business and better serve clients,” adds Linda.