Becoming the boss, with help from a business mentor

Story courtest of Venture Taranaki

When Tegan Frost opened her own beauty clinic she had to make the leap from employee to being the boss. Fortunately a Business Mentor helped make the transition easier.
Tegan Frost is a beauty therapist who grew up and learned her craft in Taranaki, and has built almost a decade of experience in the region’s beauty industry. In August 2016 she made the move to open her own clinic, Divine Skin and Beauty.

“Divine is beauty with a difference. It’s personal and the experience is completely tailored - it’s all about the client, right down to the music selection and the
aromatherapy fragrance in the treatment room,” Tegan

“I wanted to create a private boutique escape and a relaxing environment where clients come to shed the pressures and stresses of everyday life.”

As a sole operator the need to be across all aspects of the business and the risk of burn-out is ever-present. 

“There are many challenges when you are the one doing everything! Juggling the new jobs and responsibilities of owning a business with the jobs I love like looking after my clients has been hard at times, but with challenges come growth. That’s the most exciting thing about working outside of your comfort zone.”

Her mentor has again been of value here, helping Tegan to separate the crucial and non-crucial tasks, and helping her build her confidence in out-sourcing work and time management skills.

“Having a mentor has really helped me have that “team” vibe that is so hard to achieve as a solo operator.

I’m a people person who has always worked as part of a team. When I started my business, everyone I chose to work with, accountants, bank manager, insurance provider, product supplier, and now my business mentor, absolutely everyone was viewed as a part of the Divine team, and that was what I was building.”

“My mentor has been invaluable and it is so inspiring to work with such a talented businesswoman. Even though we are in different industries, we’re both positive and passionate people with contagious energy.”

Tegan is in the industry for the long haul – she’s a member of the Executive Committee of the New Zealand Association of Registered Beauty Professionals, works to engage and inspire new beauty therapists who are entering the industry, and writes a range of blogs to educate both clients and colleagues across the sector.

Getting a Business Mentor was one of the first things Tegan did when setting up the businesses, and she is already looking forward to a day when she can give something back as a mentor herself.

“It makes all the difference to have support from organisations like Venture Taranaki, to know you’re never alone in business and there are people there to help you achieve your dreams. One of my goals is to learn more about business - I’m looking forward to growing in this area with help from Venture Taranaki.”