Start-up Community Mentoring Programme

  • Wanting to start your own social enterprise, not for profit organisation or have a cause that you'd like to champion?
  • Do you understand the legal requirements you need to meet before starting a new not for profit organisation?
  • Do you need a strategic plan for funding, and require confidential one to one feedback?

Starting a not for profit organisation requires a very different approach and we at Community Mentors understand this.  For that reason, our Start-up Community Mentoring Programme differs from our standard mentoring programme.  The Start-up programme provides six months of accelerated mentoring for people/organisations who are looking for help in starting a not for profit venture.

Mentors with experience in running and governing community organisations offer guidance, act as a sounding board, test your thinking, and support you in the development of a robust strategic/organisational plan.

Who is the Start-up Community Mentoring Programme for?

The programme is designed for people/organisations who:
  • Want to explore the idea/concept in a confidential environment
  • Want to know where to start and who to talk to
  • Want to put the right foundations in place for their organisation
  • Want to get a plan together
  • Get the necessary information and documents together to approach funders/donors to make your idea float
  • Want help to understand legal obligations
  • Don't want to make easily avoidable mistakes
  • Need motivation, confidence and focus

Who are our Mentors?

Our Mentors are experienced business people with expertise in the not for profit sector  and have an understanding of the steps needed to get a new organisation off the ground.

Mentors volunteer their time to work alongside a start-up not for profit client for a six month period, supporting the client to build a robust strategic plan.  Of course there are other potential consequences of the mentoring process – for example the Start-up mentor may identify that additional resources are needed or may conclude the organisational concept is flawed.

Mentors will assist you to understand and consider all of the key issues during the mentoring process and to establish an appropriate Organisational Plan.

If your organisational/strategic plan is already formed we can review, revise and recommend stepping stones to success.

What’s the cost?

Clients pay a $300 + gst registration fee.  

After registration there is no further cost during the six-month programme as our volunteer mentors have the desire to help you grow and develop your ideas with their support.

The registration fee helps to cover the operational costs of the programme.

Register now.

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