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Author: Chris WilliamsAuthor: Chris Williams

Traditional lines are being blurred and not for profit organizations are using a range of structures (charitable trusts, incorporated societies and limited liability companies) to run their charitable organisations - including  community sporting groups, charitable not-for-profits, other NGO and social enterprises.

Community Mentors recognises that many organisations lack commercial business acumen and are further challenged by the reduction of grants from traditional sources – such as government, trusts and foundations. We also understand that although there are incubation services, what has been lacking is an organised mentoring structure to support social enterprise and social investment. Extending our reach to mentor and encourage this activity is a role we naturally fill.

The promotion of volunteerism is also core to our mission. The voluntary nature of this service provision will not only build the community sector but permit the initiative to be more scaleable, affordable and sustainable in the future.

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Our mentors understand the key challenges in the not for profit sector:
- Challenges related to financial sustainability, budgeting and marketing, creating new revenue through social enterprise and online/mobile giving;
- Strategic planning, identifying gaps in organisational effectiveness, sharing best practice;
- Operational planning, management and operational structure including better data management systems;
- Volunteer management and staffing - getting the right people in the right roles;
- Developing relationship and networks; Understanding legal liabilities, e.g. employment contracts for volunteers, Health and Safety policy;
- Board and governance issues.

If you would like to talk with us, please call Ruth on 0800 207207.

The Community Mentoring Programme is for not for profit organisations, social enterprise groups, charities (both registered and un-registered) and NGOs based in New Zealand. We are grateful to Business Mentors for their support of Community Mentors.